Harare International School was founded in 1992 as a non-profit Association. It is governed by a majority-elected Board of Governors on behalf of the Association of parents. The Board and the school’s leadership are guided by the following governing documents:

Articles of Association outline the basic purpose of the organization and how it will be organized. Articles of Association are often referred to as the “constitution” of an organization. The HIS Articles were most recently approved by the Association in May 2019.

Bylaws are the Association’s rules and regulations for the operations of its governance. The Bylaws primarily focus on the Board of Governors and is composition, authority, and responsibilities. The school’s bylaws were most recently approved by the Association in September 2020.

Board Policies are higher-level policies that act as non-negotiable instructions to the school’s Director and Leadership Team for implementation throughout the school. These policies reflect the school’s Mission statement and identity and they guide the school’s procedures for day-to-day operations. The HIS Board Policies were most recently approved by the Board of Governors in December 2019.

HIS Board Procedures (2020-21)