The Harare International School’s Board of Directors has three primary responsibilities:

To ensure that the school’s policies support the school’s goals as set out in the Strategic Plan. The Board of Directors delegates the implementation of these policies to the Director who is responsible for the administrative operations of our school.

To conduct long range planning for the continued improvement and financial health of the school. This includes the annual establishment of school wide goals and ongoing review of progress toward those goals.

To hire, support, and supervise the school’s Director.

Board members must be parents of current HIS students. Elected Board members serve from one to two years and serve on a minimum of two Board committees. Board officer positions (chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer) are elected by the Board once it is formed. Chairs of committees are appointed by the Board Chair. A faculty representative chosen by the teachers attends all public Board meetings.
Board elections are held in May, with a period of early voting, then candidate speeches and a final vote count at the AGM. Parents who wish to run for the Board should declare their candidacy to the Elections Committee Chair at to receive an application and notification of activities in April & May for candidates leading up to the election. 

The Board meets formally once each month during the school year and has Open Meetings (or Town Halls) for the school community on a quarterly basis. Board members chair and serve on committees and working groups that handle specific issues identified as priorities for the year. The Board has two standing committees: Finance and Governance. Other committees and working groups are formed on an as needed basis. The Board Chair and School Director sit de facto on each committee; all Board members are able to attend any Board committee meeting.

The primary function of the Finance Committee is to ensure the financial health and sustainability of the school. It engages in long-term financial planning, periodic reviews of fiscal management procedures, and the establishment of funding and reserves necessary to achieve and sustain a quality educational program. It is responsible for the final review and approval of the budget before it goes to the Board for adoption.

The primary function of the Governance Committee is to build and sustain an effective Board for HIS to carry out its Mission by ensuring Board continuity, Board education, good governance practices and a strong pool of potential Board candidates. It also evaluates and revises, as needed, the polices of the school and presents them to the Board for adoption.

An Elections Working Group convenes in the second term to support the Board in preparing a slate of candidates that is sufficient to ensure five elected members to the Board. The working group ensures the parent body is informed about the elections process and the candidates, and that the elections are impartial.

The board hosts several HIS Community Meetings during the year. At these meetings HIS parents are invited to hear updates from board committees and HIS’ administration.

The board also holds an Annual General Assembly (AGM) every May to elect new board members and share important information with the HIS community

Meeting dates for the 2016-2017 school year are:

November 30, 2017 – HIS Community Meeting

March 8, 2018 – HIS Community Meeting

May 17, 2018 – AGM


(Please check the newsletter and HIS Calendar on the website for confirmed dates.)

The success of our school depends on the participation of the entire HIS community. The Board seeks input from all of HIS’s stakeholders, including parents. Parents are invited to serve on committees and working groups. Parents are also encouraged to attend and contribute to quarterly Open Board Meetings.

Parents can always contact the Board at