The mission of the Technology Professional Development is to increase teacher, student, and parent skills and knowledge of existing technology – on campus as well as emerging educational technologies worldwide.
With these new skills and knowledge:

  • Teachers will be able to integrate technology more effectively and efficiently into class lessons
  • Students will be better equipped to demonstrate their learning and be self sufficient users of the tech made available to them
  • Parents will be better prepared to support their children at home.

Technology Professional Development will be offered on a regular basis throughout the school year for teachers, students and parents. Please check back here regularly to find out what new training sessions are on offer and to find archives of previous presentations.

If you have any questions about Tech trainings please email

Teacher professional development focuses on learning how to use the tools that will enable them to be facilitators to our digital natives. Workshops are given on the multiple platforms that are available on campus. Teachers learn how to use many of the common and popular tech tools that can benefit them in their teaching endeavours as well as to contribute to student learning. During these sessions we also explore and discuss ways in which the technology can contribute to differentiation and self paced learning. In addition, teachers explore how these tools can contribute to approaches such as flipping the classroom, integrating social media, and embracing new technology. Becoming comfortable with a multitude of platforms prepares teachers to be able to now integrate the different technologies into the appropriate curriculums.

As digital natives students rarely need to be taught how to use the technology. Technology comes second nature to this generation. However, in a tech world filled with so many options, it is important for them to understand which tool best serves their purpose, and how to use it appropriately. Student trainings often focus on introducing new technology that is available to them at our institution, digital citizenship, and how to use the tech to maximize collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Throughout the grades, students are able to explore the multiple platforms such as iMacs, iPads, and the Web. The Student PD instills the skills necessary to embrace new technology and find ways for it to be a beneficial tool in their learning process.

As digital immigrants, many parents have a difficult time keeping up with all the developing technology that their children are using socially and in school. Parent trainings offers a way to bridge that technology gap by introducing popular and commonly used platforms, apps, and programs. We investigate how to operate the technology as well as discuss ways in which it is and can be integrated into education. By attending these workshops parents build a stronger foundation in understanding how technology can contribute to their child’s education. Ultimately, it provides the parents with the tools necessary to facilitate their digital natives education at home.