Dear HIS parents,

On behalf of the Harare International School (HIS) Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO), I would like to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all new and returning HIS families.

Our family arrived in Harare just three years ago. When I recently asked my children what they liked about living in Zimbabwe, all three declared that they loved their school. I can heartily agree; HIS has often felt like a family. Our community is diverse, and this allows for an amazing variety of contributions, which support our endeavors and enrich our lives in Zimbabwe.

Whether you have just arrived on campus or have been part of our HIS community for some time, you are an automatic member of the HIS PTO by virtue of having your child enrolled at our school.

The HIS PTO is a large volunteer team that plans and run events that strengthen our bonds within and outside the HIS. Being active in the PTO is a great opportunity to make new friends, be creative, and support your community, and we have A LOT of fun!! I’ve found that the more parents we have contributing, the better! So, if you are interested in being more involved, please join us!

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past years and look forward to building upon those successes this year.

“Where Together We Thrive and Reach for Excellence”

 Welcome and happy new school year!



Jessica Anderson

President, PTO


President: Jessica Anderson (jeseanderson@gmail.com)

WhatsApp: +263 0775755785


HIS PTO Elected Team 2018/19

President: Jessica Anderson 

Vice President:  Robin Andrews

Secretary: SJ Bailey

Treasurer: Matilda Chimhanda

Hog Store Chair:  Egnes Kulilishika

Community Building Chair:  Mike Shik

Event Planning Chair:  Locardia Etukodo

Hospitality Chair:  Lina Bergqvist