Welcome to the HIS Parent Teacher Organization

Whether you have just arrived or have been part of our HIS community for sometime, you are an automatic member of the HIS PTO by virtue of having your child enrolled at our school.

As a member, you are able to participate in as many, or as few, PTO activities as you like. All PTO activities strive to enhance the student learning environment by: fostering open and positive lines of communication between parents, administrators and teachers; supporting student-led activities either financially or logistically; and enabling a sense of community spirit and goodwill.

Specifically, we:

  1. Host monthly open meetings to which our lead administrators, teacher representatives, and all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. During these meetings, you can learn about key school developments, and offer your insights. We also circulate meeting minutes and contribute to the HIS newsletter.
  2. Ask parents to support the PTO by offering their vast skills to help plan and run events that strengthen our bonds within and outside the HIS community. Some past events have included: Welcome and Orientation Coffee Mornings, New Parent Tour of Harare, Family Fun Day, UN Day, Movie Night, Pizza Night, Formal Dinner Dance, May Day, Staff Appreciation Social Hour and Year-end Braii, and many more!
  3. Support student groups by helping to promote their events on campus and/or providing seed-capital for their initiatives. PTO initiated a very successful grants programme.
  4. Allocate some of our funds to support local charity initiatives.

We are proud of what we accomplish and look forward to building upon these successes each year. And although we have a super team of wonderful parents who volunteer to help us every year, we find that the more parents we have contributing, the better!

If you are interested in being more involved in your child’s academic environment, or simply want to be more connected to other parents on campus, please join us. Your participation in HIS PTO activities makes a positive impact on your child’s life.

You may also contact any one of us:

Vice President, Mike Shik

Treasurer, Ruth Dangarembizi
Tel: 0772 212 5474

Secretary, Robin Andrews
Tel: 078 569 9614

We trust you will enjoy being part of our wonderful HIS community and wish everyone a happy and successful school year!

Best regards,

President, Egnes Kulilishika
Tel: 0772 273472