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Explore Zim

The Explore Zimbabwe Program is an integral part of the Harare International School curriculum for Grades 4 through to Grade 11.

Guided by the ‘Classroom Without Walls’ concept, the program extends student learning beyond the experiences they gain at school. The HIS program is designed to provide our students not only with the opportunity to experience the cultural and natural history of our host country but also places our students in an environment that will challenge them physically as well as mentally.

From team building activities and hiking to immersion into Rural Zimbabwe Village life, all trips are planned; with safety at its core, to challenge our students holistically and supported by teachers and professionals with many years of experience and knowledge of Zimbabwean culture and environment.

Grade 4: Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy, Marondera

The Grade 4 program immerses the students gently into African Ecology with a 2 nights stay at Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy. Dedicated to protecting wildlife, the students will be able to experience the conservation program directly, as well as explore the natural heritage of the local area. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 5: Aberfoyle Lodge, Honde Valley, Nyanga. 

The Grade 5 trip spend 5 days at Aberfoyle Lodge, in the Honde Valley, the sister venue to the Grade 10 Far & Wild trip. Set amongst riparian forests in the Eastern Highlands, this program focuses on conservation, exploring the local flora and fauna, recycling, as well as exploring the local tea plantations and production. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 6: Quest, Falcon College, Esigodini, Nr. Bulawayo 

The Grade 6 trip has a 3-fold approach. Within the safe compounds of a reputable learning institution, the Grade 6’s spend 5 days learning to challenge themselves, undertaking team-building activities while also learning navigation skills. They visit Zimbabwe’s second City where they delve a little into Zimbabwe’s prehistory, visiting museums and national parks of the region. 

Middle School transition can be challenging for these students and this program helps them to make strong connections with their peers, ready for the new challenges ahead of them in their new learning environment. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 7: Tree of Life Adventures   

Continuing the theme of conservation and nature, the Grade 7’s travel to Tree of Life Adventures for 5 days. Tree of Life Adventures lies amongst indigenous trees, granite rocks, and rolling mountains with 360-degree views.  Students are led by highly qualified instructors through a mixture of Adventure activities, team building and exploring nature and animals. They will also be taught to take responsibility for their actions, be truthful, honest and always act with the best intentions towards others. Tree of Life believes strongly in values and ethics. They strive to teach the students self-respect and respect for others, reflected by their behaviour and words. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 8: Lasting Impressions, Kadoma

Grade 8 probably has the most physical challenges, focused on team building and personal growth over 5 days. The students are led and guided by specialist trained leaders [and teachers], undertaking a mixture of Team-Building Activities, Adventure Activities and the Environmental Sciences, looking at environmental sustainability and impact. They will learn to challenge their own self-limitations, learning to work as a team while also learning basic wilderness survival techniques. Although initially, students may be anxious about this trip, they always return with positive and often life-changing experiences. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 9: Jabulani Wilderness Camp, Shangani 

The Grade 9 trip travels to Jabulani Safari’s, situated in Shangani Sanctuary, a pristine conservation area that enables the students to undertake a more in-depth look into local ecology and ecosystems. Supported by a professional Ecologist and Hunter, the students examine nature and life cycles, concluding in a respectful and controlled hunt and dissection of a wild Impala; fundamentally incorporating part of the biology curriculum. Click here for the suggested kit list.

Grade 10: Far and Wide, Nyanga

Grade 10 travels to Nyanga for a 5-day team-building program and personal challenge with the Far & Wide outdoor education center. Providing complex high rope activities and hikes, as well as exploring local conservation programs, the students once more embark on a journey of self-discovery and challenges while enjoying the beautiful Eastern Highlands. Click here for the suggested Kit list.

Grade 11: Juru Village 

Finally, Grade 11 embarks on a year-long project of community support and development with Juru Village on the outskirts of Harare. The relationship with this rural community and their school; Kadyamadare, has been nurtured for 25 years. The program starts at the beginning of Grade 11, with the students immersing themselves into rural village life spending 5 days with individual families, experiencing rural Zimbabwe first hand. It continues throughout their Year 11, where the students follow the agricultural calendar, planting, hoeing, weeding and harvesting crops with their Juru families; a truly practical and momentous community partnership. Click here for the suggested kit list.