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Core Definitions

Our Mission Statement acts as a lens for all decision-making at HIS, and our Strategic Priorities keep our energies focused on areas for growth.  

Underpinning these are:

  • our HIS definition of learning
  • our commitment to wellbeing, and;
  • our HIS definition of global citizenship


HIS Definition of Learning

At HIS, Learning for ALL is 

  • An active, collaborative, ongoing development of knowledge, skills and attitudes 
  • in a positive, inclusive and learner-centered environment 
  • that inspires curiosity, creativity and reflection, 
  • with the aim of nurturing personal growth 

leading to resilient, active global citizens.

Wellbeing is establishing a culture in which every member of the community can flourish and thrive, as seen in our Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities, specifically in nurturing personal growth, self advocacy, personal explorations and resilience. Wellbeing is contextual, it encompasses the whole person and combines feeling good while functioning well. While wellbeing is subjective and individual, it is considered against a background of how we feel and function in a variety of domains, namely mental, emotional, social, academic, spiritual and physical areas.  


HIS Definition of Global Citizenship

Global citizens are continually learning about the world.  Active global citizens:

  • Are internationally-minded, critical thinkers with an understanding of shared human rights, equity and justice
  • Are curious, open-minded and reflective, and strive to understand and respect other people’s beliefs, cultures and ethnicity.  
  • Act in an eco-responsible way
  • Have a positive mindset, believe that the world can be a kinder and safer place
  • Are courageous enough to make it so through open conversation, education, and action.

We welcome interesting discussions with our community members around these guiding statements!