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Launch Assembly

On the 30th of September 2022, we held an inspiring assembly, which featured;

The humanity of our past

The talent of our present, and our

Purposeful intended future

This day focused on our history and celebrating where we are today after 30 years of diversity, joy, and progress.  Whether you are new to HIS or have seen the many changes in the growth of our school, the goal was to honour our history and look with optimism and excitement to the future.  The afternoon was dedicated to celebrating our cultural diversity, with special thanks to the PTO for organising food from around the world as well as cultural performances, country baskets which were auctioned off, and more! We were regaled by music, and heard heartfelt and wise speeches by our longest staying community members, including Honourable Haritatos, Mr Mapheus Mack, Senora Carolina Charsley, and Alex in Grade 12.