The full academic calendar may be accessed here 

It is advisable to register your child as soon as you know you will be relocating to Harare so that we may inform you of your options and what you will need to bring with you for admission to the school.

Yes, our admissions process is fully online. You don’t have to complete any paperwork, you can do it all directly via Please go to ‘Application for Admission’ and ‘Submit Application’.

If you would need any help on how to use Open Apply you can go to this online manual: or you can email with any questions you might have.

We have open and ongoing admission into the school, therefore applications may be submitted at any time during the school year.

No, we don’t have waiting lists at the moment. As things can change rapidly, we however encourage to apply as soon as possible.

Harare International School is an independent day school and does not have any boarding facilities.

The language of instruction is English. French or Spanish are offered as an additional language, beginning in Early Childhood 2 all the way through Grade 12. Students from Early Childhood 2 to Grade 2 will take Spanish as an additional language, the other grades may select either French or Spanish.

We have a wide range of activities after school ranging from intellectual to physical. A few examples are soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, martial arts, gymnastics, golf, yoga, chess, math games, environmental club, I-pads, cooking, various art activities, orchestra and more.

While we do not have a formal uniform or required dress, there is a dress code that ensures that all members of the HIS community dress in a respectful manner.

Our canteen offers a range of meals at a nominal cost. Options include a hot meal, sandwiches, juice, pies etc. Students may also bring their own snacks and lunches each day. Microwaves are available if your child would like to warm their food.

While we love to have families, both new, returning, and multigenerational, our fee schedule and structure remains the same for everyone regardless of number of siblings or if a child of an alumni. The fee schedule is updated annually and is available by going to the Tuition Information page .

The HIS teaching staff comprises of members from throughout the world including a balance of local and international hires.