Harare International School is situated on a beautiful 22-acre campus in the suburb of Mount Pleasant, Harare. Located on one campus are distinct facilities for our early childhood (pre-kindergarten) and elementary students, facilities for our middle school students, and facilities for our high school students. While we often overlap and work together, these facilities are purpose-built and provide the backdrop of our learning environment. In addition to the classrooms, students have the ability to work and explore throughout the campus and throughout Zimbabwe.

We also have:

  • a beautifully designed, award-winning performing arts center that seats 700. This facility also houses a drama classroom, two music classrooms, and practice rooms for music.
  • an art room for each division of the school.
  • a large gymnasium with fitness center.
  • three science labs.
  • outdoor sporting facilities for soccer and basketball.
  • a library with over 25,000 books for the entire school that is in the planning stages for remodeling into a state of the art media center.
  • swimming pool.

We have a commitment to preserving the “green spaces” and the feel of the African environment of the campus as we look at the needs of growth of facilities and remodeling of spaces.