At Harare International School, we have wonderful opportunities to learn outside the classroom, as well as inside the classroom.  Part of this learning opportunity includes a Week Without Walls learning experience called Explore Zimbabwe.  During this week, students learn about our host country as well as specific learning targets related to subjects.


Grade 5 Imire Game Park

Our Grade Five’s will spend 5 days at Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy just outside Marondera. Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to protecting wildlife and strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can successfully thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage. Our vision at Imire is to enhance the relationships between tourism, conservation programmes and community areas through long-term, sustainable environmental management and positive community projects. Click here for suggested kit List.



Grade 6: Quest, Falcon College, Bulawayo 

Our Grade sixes will spend 5 days at Quest Africa in Esigodini. At Quest Africa, our vision is to take young men and women on a journey of exploration and self- discovery; to give them the opportunity to explore and express themselves as individuals and to discover and pursue their passions in life. Click here for suggested kit list.



Grade 7: Iganyana Bush Camp    

Our Grade Seven’s will spend 5 days at Inganyana Bush Camp in Hwange to learn about Wild Dog Conservation. Our mission is to create an environment where painted dogs can thrive. 

How are we trying to do this? We have put together a conservation model that will really work in the long term, and make a significant difference to the painted dog population in Zimbabwe. We employ more than 60 people from the local villages to run our conservation programs and run our education and outreach programs. These efforts span everything from our Anti-Poaching Unit team which patrol local areas daily to provide a direct form of protection for the dogs, we run our Rehabilitation Facility where we treat injured and orphaned dogs before returning them to the wild. We monitor more than 6 packs of painted dogs on a daily basis across Hwange National Park. In addition to helping painted dog populations, we want to help human ones, too. Our education and outreach programs prioritise community spirit. We have established projects and programs that directly help improve the lives of local residents. To this end we’ve set up a Children’s Bush camp, a Visitors Centre, collaborative art projects, conservation clubs, community gardens, and more.  Click here for suggested kit list.



Grade 8:Outward Bound in Chimanimani or Gosho Park, Marondera

Our Grade Eight’s spend 6 days at Outward Bound in Chimanimani or Gosho Park, Marondera. 

Outward Bound schools were established to help young men and women discover and develop their own abilities, initiative and resourcefulness by confronting them with the demands of a challenging environment. From such adventure and excitement comes a new interest in life and, as the challenge increases in intensity, a sense of inward strength is born. The students learn to extend a helping hand to other members of their team who may be unsure of themselves or encountering difficulty, and from this springs a sense of service as well as self-confidence. Such self-discovery is a powerful antidote to the indulgence, indifference and indolence so often found in modern society with its lack of adventure, its safeguards and its prohibitions. Under expert guidance, and with new friends to share new experiences, a better knowledge of self is acquired. Outward Bound trains through the mountains, not for them. This training, for service and rescue and not for survival alone gives young people a glimpse of what they can become. The emerging student learns what it means “to serve, to strive and not to yield”.

Gosho Park is a conservation area of approximately 340 hectares (840 acres; 3.4 km2) of land on the Springvale Estate (it is adjacent to Peterhouse Girls’ School and Springvale House), situated in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe. The park, named after Patrick Gosho and owned by the Peterhouse Group of Schools, is enclosed by a 2.3 metres (7.5 ft) game fence. The park is an area of Brachystegia woodland with two streams, their associated grasslands and rocky outcrops (some with Bushmen paintings). 237 species of birds have been recorded by the Mashonaland East Birding Group with a variety of Brachystegia species such as the spotted creeper, miombo and rufous-bellied tits. There are 72 species of trees in the area as recorded by the Tree Society.  Over the years more game was introduced and this included: giraffe; zebra; kudu; eland; waterbuck; wildebeest; bushbuck; duiker; klipspringer and steenbuck.  Gosho Park is used regularly by schools for educational and recreational purposes.  A number of walking trails have been established, but visitors must remember that all animals encountered are wild and entry is at their own risk. The park is open to the public and many parents and local residents visit it especially on weekends. Click here for suggested kit list.



Grade 9: Jabulani Wilderness Camp 

Our Grade Nine’s spend 5 days at Jabulani Camp, 30kms from Shangani The conservation of our dwindling African wildlife is crucial to its survival. Jabulani Safaris, an integral part of the Shangani Sanctuary, currently provides refuge to over 40 species of wildlife and a host of birdlife within its 1400 hectare domain. Game fenced and well protected, Jabulani Safaris is a pristine wilderness, preserved for future generations. Poaching and human settlement have encroached on the well-being of our flora and fauna for far too long. The Shangani Sanctuary is a new initiative to re-introduce wildlife into this sparsely populated area, giving the local inhabitants a stake in the preservation of their wildlife by turning an 89,000 hectare area into a game fenced wildlife sanctuary. Eco-tourism and outsourcing of crops and cattle productivity will allow the inhabitant families to become financially viable within the wildlife sanctuary, encourage them to become reliant on the preservation of all flora and fauna species so creating a lasting and stable eco system, and ensuring health, education and a future for their children. At Jabulani, we seek to educate people on the fragility of our local environment, and we hope to do so by setting an example. We know that the preservation of nature begins with us. We have taken the initiative. Jabulani Safaris shows the way forward. Come! We encourage you to be a part of the Jabulani experience, and help preserve and protect our precious wildlife. Click here for suggested kit list.


Grade 10: Far and Wide 

Our Grade Ten’s spend 5 days at Far & Wide in Nyanga. Far and Wide was started in 1991 in response to demand for a professionally run outdoor education centre in Zimbabwe. From humble beginnings and many challenges Far and Wide is today a substantial outdoor education centre and runs outdoor based leadership, team, personal development and conservation programmes for discerning clients from private schools, companies and organisations as well as church groups, volunteers, families and individuals. In addition all our activities and accommodation options are available to tourists visiting the Nyanga or Mutarazi Falls National Park. Far and Wide is based in the beautiful wilderness areas of the Mutarazi Falls, Pungwe Falls and Nyanga National Parks. Our camp consists of a set of three luxury lodges for corporate clients and tourists as well as a bush camp complete with outdoor showers, communal dining areas and wooden sleeping cabins. The bush camp has been carefully designed to take participants out of their familiar frames of reference but provide all the essential ingredients as far as safety is concerned. In addition FAR and WIDE owns a camp site in the Mutarazi Falls National Park and two fishing lodges on the banks of the Pungwe River in the Nyanga National Park. 

Bernie and Julie Cragg are both university graduates with post graduate qualifications in education. Bernie and Julie combine their love of teaching, adventure, outdoor life and filming to orchestrate each course at Far and Wide. They have run hundreds of successful programmes over the years. Bernie is internationally acclaimed as an expert in his chosen field and has attended the Junior Leadership University in Switzerland, Spain and Austria each year for the past ten years where, amongst other things, he lectures in team leadership, designs and oversees the adventurous training programme and films. Bernie has recently been invited by the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) to conduct leadership training programmes for YPO youth from around the world, in Africa. In addition he is involved in filming wildlife programmes for Animal Planet and other television stations.  Click here for suggested Kit list.


Grade 11: Juru Village Visit

Juru Village experience for our Grade 11 class involves full immersion into rural Zimbabwe village life. Working with our partnered school, Kadyamadare, the students provide learning support for the local students, while living with their ‘foster’ family and experiencing a true cultural Zimbabwe. Click here for suggested kit list.