Our PYP section at HIS, for students aged 3-11 years, comprises a learning community, which epitomizes a deep love for learning and how students learn best. Furthermore, we recognize that these formative years of learning are crucial for establishing life–long and sustainable learning traits in our learners. This is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering an outstanding learning program that nurtures the development of the whole child, enhancing the potential of each individual – physically, socially, emotionally, aesthetically and intellectually.

The pedagogical framework of the Elementary School (ES) is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). This is an international curriculum that empowers our young learners, with the skills, values and knowledge to develop self-confidence, open-mindedness and creativity through problem solving and understanding the world and global issues around them.

HIS is fully authorized by the IB. The PYP is grounded in measurable standards for teaching and learning. Furthermore, a talented, qualified and committed team of educators facilitates the program through learner agency, inquiry, reflection and action. Collaborative planning and learning among teachers and numerous opportunities for professional development as well as access to the best learning resources possible empower our teachers to design and deliver a rich and progressive programme of inquiry (POI) (Insert Link). This is grounded in six trandisciplinary themes of global significance. These are explored and developed using inquiry, research, knowledge, skills, concepts and action in a trandisciplinary manner across a range of subject areas including Mathematics, Language, The Arts, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Physical Education, Spanish and French.


In order to ensure optimal service delivery of the curriculum we strive to ensure that the learning environment is compatible with the expectations for the best possible teaching – learning outcomes and practices. The ES has its own designated playgrounds, music room, art studio and two Modern Language rooms, along with shared computer labs and multiple class sets of iPads. Students and teachers have easy access to information-technology resources, to our shared media center and state of the art gymnasium, fitness center and swimming pool

The learning environment of the ES is a place where the physical, emotional and psychological safety of our students is of paramount importance. Moreover, we are extremely responsive to their needs across the continuum from additional learning support to enrichment – we celebrate the diversity of our learners and their families. As such, we appreciate and respond to the fact that each student has his/her own learning style and profile, personality, talents and cultural heritage. We value a strong and sustainable school-home partnership and to facilitate this we have in place various ways of communicating with parents about student learning and progress (including our well received Fabulous Friday gatherings). The whole community is involved in school events. We implement an open door policy where parents’ concerns and issues are raised and addressed. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We encourage you to explore the elementary section further. We would love to hear back from you and answer any questions you might have.


Niel Petersen          

ES Principal