Each quarter a variety of After School Activities (ASA) are offered for your child(ren) to participate in. After School Activities run from 2:05 PM to 3:00 PM. Students must sign up for the activities of their choice. Sign up brochures are sent out prior to the start of each quarter. Most of the activities have no fee involved, but some are provided by outside coaches and facilitators at a nominal fee. Payments for ASA are made directly to the coach / facilitator within the first two weeks of the quarter. While we value academic achievement, we are also very mindful of developing and nurturing the whole child. With this in mind, activities vary from sports, visual arts, crafts, language & cultural, musical, cooking, engineering, robotics, to science experiments, just to name a few. Activities are based around the interests of our students and the expertise of our community.

ES After School Swimming Program:

Our ES after school swim program is tailored to further the development of swimmers aged 8 and above to be able to swim competitively with the assistance of our highly qualified swimming coach. Team members are selected after try-outs and will eventually compete with local school swim teams either here at HIS or at other venues. All swimmers are invited to attend the tryouts and we will try our best to accommodate the different swim abilities at all levels. Once selected for the swimming team, the expectation is that the team members will commit to attending training sessions as a priority. We anticipate starting the after school swim program in October and will run until April 2017. More information about the competitive swim trials will be communicated to all parents closer to the time detailing the dates and times of the try-outs as well as the days and times of the training sessions for the swim team members.

As part of our curriculum, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students participate in group violin lessons once per week with a Suzuki trained violin teacher. Students also have the opportunity to take private or semi-private violin lessons throughout their entire educational experience at HIS.

Private lessons in other instruments is also available at a nominal fee.