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3 things you should know about HIS 

  1. MISSION STATEMENT: HIS makes decisions based around its mission statement.  Our mission statement is intentionally aspirational. We invite you to engage with all elements of our mission statement, to help us grapple with their implementation in their very best and ever-evolving version.

  2. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES: Our strategic priorities guide us in where we put our energies and our finances. All community members are invited to make proposals to initiate action around the strategic priorities.

  3. COMMUNICATION AND HOME-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP: At HIS communication is focused on learning in all of its diverse forms.  Communication is founded in positive presuppositions – we are all advocates for learning through the tenets of our mission statement.  Open and personalised conversations among student, teacher and parent enrich us. Communication about your child’s learning takes place through clear and effective channels. Any questions or feedback about learning should follow this protocol of communication: speak with the teacher, speak with the relevant principal, speak with the director. If unsure, please ask.


For non-learning questions, please see contact:



Effective Communication is important at the best of times, and during times of considerable change, it becomes even more crucial!  We see Communication as both an Art and a Science.  As a Science, it needs to be reliable, replicable.  As an Art, it must be personalised and unique.

In terms of communication at HIS, even with At-A-Distance-Learning, our communication protocols remain the same:

  1. Parents contact the class, advisory and/or subject area Teacher directly
  2. Should questions not be addressed with the relevant teacher, please contact the appropriate Principal.
  3. Should questions not be addressed or resolved with the relevant Principal, please contact the School Director.
  4. When questions are psychological, emotional or social in nature, parents contact the relevant Counselor.

The reason for this approach is simple: each student is an individual.  We are absolutely committed to a personal approach.  You can expect a response within 48 hours.  If it’s urgent, we always strive to respond within 24 hours.

In addition to parent-initiated communication in regards to their children’s learning, we have a number of additional means of communication, both one-way and two-way.  These, as well as communications such as report cards and Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences,  are outlined in the HIS Community Handbook.

  • Weekly Bulletin – Up to date, important information as you plan ahead.  Delivered to you by email every Friday night, followed by a WhatsApp link. If you are not receiving the weekly bulletin please email Stephanie at
  • Weekly sessions with the Principal, Counselor, or IB Coordinator – details shared in the Weekly Bulletin
  • Office hours with the Principals: details shared in the Weekly Bulletin
  • Monthly Newsletter – end of month highlights and celebrations from the previous month.
  • Surveys – throughout the year, we ask for feedback to better understand trends in our community on various topics.  Details are shared through the Weekly Bulletin
  • Focus Groups – each year, the Director holds Focus Groups with randomly selected parents.  The Mission Statement is central to the focus group questions, and is extended through an additional relevant theme and area of focus.

As you can see, the Weekly Bulletin is a central means of communication at HIS!

Our Community Handbook is updated annually. Please Click here to view the PDF Community Handbook.