Playground Supervision K-5
Karate K-1 $49
Rhythmic Gymnastics K-5 $49
Home Inquiry Coaching 1-5
Boys/Girls Volleyball Team 4-5
I-Pads K-2 (max 16)
Green Machine 3-5
EC Fun & Games EC-K (max 14)
Orchestra 2-5
Documentary Club 4-5
Embroidery 2-5 (max 10)
Animal Conservation 4-5 (max 10)


Playground Supervision K-5
Golf K-5 $49
Hip Hop Dance K-5 $49
Judo EC2-5 $49
Home Inquiry Coaching 1-5
Choir 3-5 (max 50)
EC I-Pads EC-K (max 12)
Stone Carving 1-5 (max 15)
Everyday Math Games K-2 (max 10)
African Dance & Lang 1-5
Crafty 1-5 (max 10)
World Games K-2


Playground Supervision K-5
Gymnastics EC2 – 2 $42
Tennis 4-5 $42
Table Tennis 4-5 $42
Karate 2-5 $42
Chess K-5 $42
Baseball 3-5 $42
Art Dynamix K-5 $60
African Beadwork 1-5
Fitness with Mark 4-5 (max 10) $42
Boys/Girls Soccer Team 4-5
Gladiator Training 3-5


Playground Supervision K-5
Ballet EC- Gr1 $49
Tennis K-3 $49
Table Tennis 1-3 $49
Karate K-5 $49
EC Hip Hop Dance EC-K $30
Home Inquiry Coaching 1-5
Boys/Girls Junior Soccer K-3
Boys/Girls Basketball Team 4-5
Arts and Crafts K-5 (max 15)
Mindfulness & Emotions K-5 (max 10)
World Games 3-5
French Club K-5

For activities that involve payment:

Please either pay the instructor directly OR drop off a sealed envelope at the ES PE Office.

                                2019 – 2020 Q1 After School Activity Schedule

3pm – 4pm 4pm – 5:30pm
Monday Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) 
Gr 6 – 8 Volleyball Gr 9 – 12 Volleyball

Silver Squad Swimming 

(3.10pm – 4:10pm)

Gold Squad Swimming

(4pm – 5:30pm)

Tuesday Gr 6 – 8 Boys Basketball Gr 9 – 12 Boys Basketball
Gr 6 – 12 Tennis
Wednesday Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) 
Gr 6 – 8 Volleyball Gr 9 – 12 Volleyball

Silver Squad Swimming 

(3.10pm – 4:10pm)

Gold Squad Swimming

(4pm – 5:30pm)

Thursday Gr 6 – 8 Girls Basketball Gr 9 – 12 Girls Basketball
Gr 6 – 12 Gladiator Gr 6 – 12 Soccer
Gr 6 – 12 Tennis
Friday Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) Gr 6 – 12 Track & Field, XC (3pm – 5:15pm) 
Gr 6 – 8 Volleyball Gr 9 – 12 Volleyball

Silver Squad Swimming 

(3.10pm – 4:10pm)

Gold Squad Swimming

(4pm – 5:30pm)


Open to All


(8.00am – 9.30am)

Open to All 


(9.00am – 11am)


Open to All 


(12pm – 2pm)

Gold & Silver + Squad 


(2pm – 4:30pm)


CORE: the period from 2:00 to 3:00 every day (except Tuesdays) when MYP students participate in a range of activities, some self-selected, some determined by school.

Monday – CORE Activities     Wednesday – Advisory Time

Thursday – Advisory Time    Friday – CORE Activities

The CORE program is designed to address key areas for our young students:

  • Providing a platform to continue developing our Advisory Programme
  • Effectively embedding Service Learning into our program
  • Providing more cooperation and interaction of students across grade levels, building better school spirit
  • Developing our ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills and seeing how they transfer across disciplines
  • Promoting among our scholars the IB learner profile attributes
  • Encouraging students to seek a balanced academic/social life by becoming involved in Creative, Active and Service activities, as preparation for the IB Diploma requirements in grade 11 and 12
  • Encouraging student-led involvement and independent thinking/learning
  • Facilitating involvement which contributes towards our new mission of inspiring curiosity about ourselves and others, about new activities, embracing challenge and being ready to fail and learn from it. All of the CORE program is very closely focused on personal growth.

CORE is a vibrant and energetic part of the HIS curriculum during the school day where students are engaged in a range of different activities.  Many of these activities used to be offered as ASAs starting at 3:00pm but that meant very long days for our students, without sufficient time for personal learning and relatively unstructured “being a kid” time. This led HIS to create the CORE program. This unique program is in its second year and reflects HIS’ commitment to diverse learning opportunities by dedicating time to within the school day.


Click here to view the Core Offering for semester 1.

We offer a wide variety of after-school music lessons, with private music teachers available to teach students who would like to take lessons. The lessons are normally 30 minutes long, with some students opting for a 1hour lesson. The following are lessons offered with private music teachers:-


Guitar: Recommended Grades are from 3rd Grade Upward.

Teachers: Mr Marshall.

Piano: Recommended Grades are from 1st Grade Upward.

Teachers: Mr Nicholas Nare, Mrs Lisa Suerga, Bernie Henderson.

Electric Bass Guitar: Recommended Grades are from 5th Grade Upward.

Teacher: Mr Enock Rugube

Marimbas: Recommended Grades are 2nd Grade Upward.

Teacher: Mr Enock Rugube

Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones F/ Horn: Recommended from 4th Grade .

Teacher: Mr Bob Ndlovhu

Flute and Clarinet: Recommended Grades are 4th Grade Upward.

Teacher: Mrs Lindsay McCleod and Mr Brian Munongwa

Drums; Recommended Grades are 1st Grade Upward.

Teacher: Mr Justin Soutter

Percussion Instruments: Recommended Grades are 1st Grade Upward.

Teachers: Mr Justin Soutter and Mr Enock Rugube

Vocals: Recommended Grades are 3rd Grade Upward with some lower Grade exceptions at vocal teachers discretion.

Teacher: Mrs Prudence Mbofana

Violins: Recommended Grades are 1st Grade Upward.

Teacher: Ms Tino Chikoto and Ms Thembani.

Cello: Recommended Grades are 3rd Grade Upward.

Teacher: Mr Charles Kazuku



A sign up form for Elementary Music Students is available from Ms Martha’s office (PA for Ms Jessica Johnson). Middle School and High School will be given out by Ms Bernie Henderson during class times.

Please note: Forms need to be filled out annually and Music lesson times are given on a “first come first serve” basis.



Music instruments may be rented from the school. Instruments available for rent are: Violins. Cellos. Flutes. Clarinets. Trumpets. Alto Saxophones. Tenor Saxophone. Baritone Saxophone. Trombones. Guitars. There is a non-refundable fee of $80 dollars for the school year. Similarly, a form will be at the above offices for collection if you need to rent an instrument.

Please note:

Our music after school program starts at 2.15pm for PYP Students and 3.00 for MYP and DP Students.

The Parent Choir every Monday from 7.45am in the Elementary Music Room with Mr Munongwa. Parents are welcome to take instrument lessons as well with the contracted music teachers.

If you have any queries please contact:

All students at Harare International have some form of swimming coaching, various training exercises, from Grade 3 through to Grade 12. Swimming is part of the morning timetable and an extra-curricular sport in the afternoons, Elementary from 2pm – 3pm and Middle and High from 3:05pm – 4:30pm. Although our main swimming season starts in September, all pupils are involved in swimming lessons during Physical education classes.

Our facilities include a completely fenced 25 meter racing pool with starting blocks, lane ropes, and backstroke flags. Future plans to include a heating system that will see the swimmers continue with their swimming program through the winter season. The School have a number of qualified swimming coaches who keep updated with swimming trends and techniques.

This year Harare International School has had swimmers representing Mashonaland Province at the Junior and Senior National championships. Some students have gone onto represent Zimbabwe.

Pool Usage

Students – 2pm – 4:30pm (if a lane is free, teachers are welcome to swim)

Parents – Tuesday-Friday; 7:30am – 9:00am and 2:00pm – 4:30pm

(While the swimming pool is open during these hours for parents, classes have preference so we ask that you not be present when the facility is being used for instructional purposes.)

Weekends: Closed

All members of the community who want to use the swimming pool will need to agree and sign a H.I.S. Swimming Pool Rules Agreement available from the Activity Director’s office.