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Co-Curricular Activities

Our after school co-curricular activities program directly supports the school's mission. Through our co-curricular activities program we aim to Inspires Curiosity, Embrace Challenges and Nurture Personal Growth. The activities provide opportunities for personal development for students by introducing them to different interests and experiences. It is a safe, inclusive environment where students can learn new skills or perfect existing ones.

Elementary School

The Elementary School years are exciting ones for opening doors to new possibilities. Students are eager to learn more about themselves and the world around them, with increasing levels of sophistication and independence. By tapping into interests, talents and passions, students blossom both individually and as a community.

Examples of Activities Offered

Dance Club


Book Club



Track & Field

Guided Learning


Public Speaking

Percussion Club


Science Club


Secondary School

Middle Years Program (MYP) Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS)

MYP CAS is a vibrant and energetic part of the HIS curriculum where students are engaged in a range of different activities. This unique program reflects HIS’ commitment to diverse learning opportunities by dedicating time to activities within the school day.

The MYP CAS program is designed to address key areas for our students:

  • Encouraging students to seek a balanced academic/social life by becoming involved in Creative, Active and Service activities, as preparation for the IB Diploma requirements in grade 11 and 12.

  • Encouraging student-led involvement and independent thinking/learning.

  • Facilitating involvement which contributes towards our new mission of inspiring curiosity about ourselves and others, about new activities, embracing challenge and being ready to fail and learn from it. All of the MYP CAS program is very closely focused on personal growth.

  • Providing more cooperation and interaction of students across grade levels, building better school spirit.

Extended CAS Activities 

As an extension to the MYP CAS program HIS offers activities by giving opportunities to further develop different interests and experiences.

Examples of Extended  CAS Activities