Our family is new to Harare and HIS, as we arrived here in August 2017.

Professionally, I am deeply committed to equitable access to quality education, in my role as the education adviser at DFID Zimbabwe. I have been an adviser in DFID for 15 years in the education sector all of which has been spent in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, I work with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to improve the quality of education in Zimbabwe’s public schools. I focus every day on bringing about systemic reforms to improve the quality of education for all children in Zimbabwe.

Because of the skills I have gained in the course of my career, I would like to share my experience and knowledge and be able to give something back to our new community in Harare, and that very much includes the HIS community.

I have had previous School Board experience, as I served on the school board in Lusaka for 2 years. During that time we went through a successful re-accreditation process, a review of the differentiation and inclusion policies, a review of the safety procedures and policies, and conducted the design process for the school’s infrastructure master plan. I was also responsible for leading a successful search for the school’s new Director. I found it an enriching experience to serve on the board and to be able to help move the development of AISL forward. This experience may be useful in that I can act as the bridge between educators and the board members.

Specifically, in leading the AISL director search process, we had to define the identity of the school and what we wanted to achieve and find the best fit of person that could help the school achieve that identity. Bringing this type of experience to the school board may be of use during the next year, when the school will have some big changes of leadership, with John leaving and the new Director arriving.

On a more personal level, my daughter is a product of the IB World system and has attended 4 different schools over 10 years and this is the only system she has ever known. We are strong advocates of the inquiry based approach offered at HIS and have seen firsthand how it helps to develop 21s t century skills that will be vital for her future. As engaged parents, my husband and I have volunteered in various ways in each of her schools. I have been a class parent, volunteered for school plays, marathons, Halloween and Easter events through PTAs, and served on the school board. Getting involved in all of these activities has been a pleasure for us as a family, and we have enjoyed getting involved to make the schools she has attended amazing places of learning, inquiry, experience and fun.

At HIS, we have been very warmly welcomed and invited to participate in all the school has to offer and I hope that will also include being able to support the school by serving on the Board. Thank you.