Tanya and her family have been in Harare and at HIS since August 2017.

Professionally, Tanya deeply committed to equitable access to quality education, in her role as the education adviser at DFID Zimbabwe. She has been an adviser in DFID for 16 years in the education sector all of which has been spent in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, she works with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to improve the quality of education in Zimbabwe’s public schools. She focuses every day on bringing about systemic reforms to improve the quality of education for all children in Zimbabwe.

Because of the skills she has gained in the course of her career, she would like to share her experience and knowledge and be able to give something back to her community in Harare, and that very much includes the HIS community.

Tanya has now worked on the HIS board for one year and she also served on the school board in Lusaka for two years. She took over responsibility for the Energy Task Force in January 2019 and she is working on ways to improve the sustainability of our campus infrastructure and improve our culture of keeping it green!

On a more personal level, Tanya’s daughter is a product of the IB World system and she remains a strong advocate of the inquiry based approach offered at HIS as she has seen firsthand how it helps to develop 21s century skills that are vital for our children’s futures. As engaged parents, Tanya and her husband have volunteered in various ways in each of their daughter’s schools. Tanya has been a class parent, volunteered for school plays, marathons, Halloween and Easter events through PTAs, and now serve on the school board. Getting involved in all of these activities has been a pleasure for Tanya’s family.

Tanya is looking forward to a good year ahead as HIS moves forward with implementing the school mission and focuses on ensuring effective learning is taking place for all of our students.