Egnes is a qualified social worker, a holder of a degree in Sociology and Masters degree in International Relations awarded by Women’s University and the University of Zimbabwe respectively. She is also an entrepreneur in the agro-food industry and has plans to develop a private school for Zimbabwe’s middle-income class.

Egnes is a loving mother of six, five of whom have had the opportunity to attend Harare International School (HIS). Egnes has previous experience working with HIS community and is known for her passion and commitment to achieving sustainable results.  Egnes’s enthusiasm and dedication to working towards collaborative partnerships across diverse cultures and nationalities amongst the HIS family has grown over the years she has been part of this community. Her faith and emotional intelligence, coupled with her in-depth understanding of the different leadership functions of the school board, administration and Parent & Teacher Organization derived from years of experience working with the school’s PTO as well as the school board make her a competent and passionate member of the board.