Katy Agg has been at HIS since August 2016, when she moved to Zimbabwe with her husband and two sons (now in Grade 8 and Grade 4) with the German international development agency, GIZ. She is deeply grateful to have found herself living in the beautiful city of Harare and part of a strong community at HIS.

Katy has a PhD in Social Policy and a MSc in Policy Studies from the University of Bristol, UK. She currently works as a consultant on education and social policy development for the UN and other international organisations. For the past 15 years, she has lived and worked around the world, most recently in Germany, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Switzerland. Her interest in education methods stems from her experience of ‘free schooling’ as a teenager, when she attended the experimental Small School in the UK, the philosophy of which was to involve students in every decision of their own education journey. This questioning of what a ‘good education’ means has continued in her work to this day, and has led her academic and professional research interests.

Katy served as a parent volunteer on the HIS Board in the 2018/19 academic year, and a Board appointed member in 2019/20. She will use her past experience as Chair of the Governance Committee to proactively support the current Board.