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• “This has been a great opportunity to connect with my child and learn what she is learning.”

• “It has been an adjustment but the support I have received from the teachers has been amazing and has helped us all.”

• “Excellent emotional preparation and technological preparation for him. He came home Wednesday excited about Thursday, knowing what to do, very much having internalized the message of "school's not closed, it's just the campus that is closed."



Harare International School campus is closed BUT we are actively engaged in Learning-at-a-distance during this time.





Here is what our parents have to say about Learning-at-a-distance:

And from our students: 

• “The fact that I can choose when to do my work, and my teachers are available at any hour of the day if I need their help, which works very well for exam preparation.”
• “All tasks are presented to me before class time and so I am able to complete them. The teachers who use google hangouts are always online during our class time so it’s easy to ask questions.”
• “I love learning from home.  I miss my friends but I get to see them online everyday.”