At HIS, we are committed to ensuring that our students continue their excellent, international learning experience in the best of times as well as during an emergency or crisis. In the event of a health-related or other emergency situation, learning continues.

As you know, campus is currently closed due to COVID-19, and school continues through ‘at-a-distance-learning’. We purposefully chose this term, as opposed to ‘online learning’. This is a constant reminder to us as educators that much of the learning that takes place at a distance can be off screen, and indeed should be off screen, and thus we plan accordingly. We equally intentionally plan for both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, and have seen growth of student agency, as well as the human desire to connect with each other in whole class and smaller group sessions. We have continued to seek input from our teachers, our parents and our students about their at-a-distance-learning experiences. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and constructive, helping us to refine our practices as teachers as all of us are also on a very steep learning curve.

For new families, we look forward to you and your family joining our HIS community in August.

For further reference, in the two documents below, you will be able to read about steps that HIS is taking as we look toward the future.

By mid-May, we will provide a link that will offer further information for prospective families regarding at-a-distance-learning.


Arden Tyoschin



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