Sharon Shamuyarira was one of our first recipients of the Merit Scholarship:

“God has done it! 6 years ago I received a call from HIS letting me know I would be a pioneer of the Merit Scholarship…4 years ago I started University joining the community of MasterCard Foundation Scholars, the start of a journey I can never condense into one FBpost….2 years ago I decided to major in Human Resources and Business Technology Management unsure what my next steps would be but certain this was the path God had chosen for…2 months ago I finished my degree with Honors, a lot of my peers had graduated 3 months prior but I understood I was running my own race….1 month ago I left a place I now call home Vancouver and moved to Toronto my new home….2 weeks ago I walked into IBM as one of their newest Consultants working in a division that practices exactly what I studied…2 hours ago I turned 24 in Calgary, my first birthday away from friends and family, a sign that I have truly grown up and chosen my own path.

As I sit here and reflect on these milestones whether big or small something that has been consistent through it all was the grace of God….I don’t deserve these blessings, yes I work hard, yes I am focused but I fail often too and does everyone else around me that’s how grace works…you don’t earn it but when it manifests you look at your life and you can’t help but deny the hand of God working in your life.

I want to thank every single person who has played a part into shaping the young lady I have become. Thank you for the laughs, the hugs, the prayers, the calls, the texts, the calling me out when I needed it, the advice, the smiles!

Finally I want to thank myself.I am 24 and I am proud of who I see when I look in the mirror because this girl in this graduation cap has fought and persevered and made sacrifices for me to be where I am and I can only hope that I can be an inspiration to others. If we can create a generation of individuals who look in the mirror and like who they see that alone is good enough for me!

***Side-note, why are grad pics so expensive? Still saving up to pay for them to remove this watermark, donations are always welcome lol****”

We are so proud of all you have achieved Sharon – keep aiming for the stars!