One of our past pupils, Rejoice Jones now lives close to the West Virginia border, about 1.5 hrs outside of Washington D.C.

“I work part-time at Trader Joe’s, a chain of neighbourhood grocery stores that sell novelty products from all over the world. I’m a wife, and a mom to a badass little girl I never thought I’d have!”

After HIS, Rejoice went to Fontys Hogescholen (where she studied Physical Therapy school in Eindhoven, NL) and National Holistic Institute (and studied Massage Therapy and Health Education in Emeryville, CA)

Her fondest memory of HIS is going on amazing trips to different countries to play in the ISSEA tournaments.

In her words, “HIS gave me the confidence to always do what I wanted. Find a passion, follow it, and be the best I can be for me.”