Federico Arce Teran is a past student of Harare International School. Since leaving HIS, he studied at Trent University in Peterborough, ON, Canada for an Honours International Studies Major & INCAE Business School in Managua, Nicaragua for a Global MBA.

Federico is now back in Nicaragua, since 2015, working as a business consultant. Previously, he was in Washington DC working at the Nicaraguan embassy in the Political Section.

His thoughts about Harare International School, and how it prepared him for life:

HIS was a very enriching experience. I have fond memories of it. It prepared me as far as relating to different people, understanding interconnectedness, the duality of commonality and difference that is so ever-present in global relations, living diversity and complexity from a place of perspective. I feel all of those things helped me in university, in my life as a diplomat in Washington DC, and informs who I am to this day.

Here are his favorite memories at HIS:

  1. The Jr./Sr. class trips to wildlife areas with Mr. Lombardo. I sincerely hope HIS is still doing those. Not to be too saccharine about it, but those weeks were magical.
  2. The way we would all just hang out around the picnic tables by the basketball court and you’d hear multiple languages by different groups just hanging out. It’s not like we were all friends or anything, but there really weren’t any major beefs between people. Everybody just kind of did their own thing with their people and that was very refreshing, even then.
  3. Quiz teams with Mr. Harvey.
  4. Running across campus and being told to slow down.
  5. Cross Country practices around the neighborhood.
  6. The rain. The sound it would make on the roofs.
  7. The Zimbabwean staff and crews. Very warm, and friendly. I wish I had been more inquisitive with them, and made deeper connections. But I remember their warmth fondly.

Thank you Federico! It is always so lovely hearing from our Alumni!