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Inclusion Coordinator Appointment

Our Story

The Team: 

SLT & Mandisa



As we continue on our journey to becoming a more inclusive school, we realised that we needed a whole school approach to student support services, including learning support.   



SLT advertised internally for this leadership position and are proud to announce that Mandisa Ngwenya is our new Inclusion Coordinator. 


What did we learn? 

Not surprisingly, Mandisa developed a job description as well as main areas of focus based on our recent inclusion audit through the Office of Overseas Schools.   The goal was to ensure that Mandisa had the time allocation to undertake these important inclusion initiatives to support student learning. 


What was the outcome?  

We were pleased to reduce Mandisa’s teaching time commitment to 50%.  We are also excited about co-teaching PD scheduled during our August in-service.


What’s the data? 

One critical area of data collection is our Learning Support Register.  This document ensures that we are intentional about admitting students who have learning differences, and to be aware of the number of students in each grade level.  It helps us to ask good questions. 


Thoughts on what might be next?  

We are excited about this important role next year.  We are equally looking forward to the opening of “The Baobab”, our OT/Sensory space for students, which will also enhance the services that students can benefit from on campus.